Jordyn Peaks

I won't lie: Jordyn Peaks is a thick bitch! This softball star has some serious curves and thinks she has the world figured out. However, most of us know that at 19, that's an impossibility...Plus she's getting fucked up for Facial Abuse so apparently she hasn't figured out that challenging the Facial Abuse crew is a bad idea.

To kick off the action, Pauly Horker and Big Red put this bitch on her knees. In order to keep her from talking, they fucked her face until she gave in to all of their requests. They passed her back and forth and pushed her gag button until the puke owl was filled to the brim. Then they put her big ass on top and fucked her throat as vomit rolled out of her mouth and onto the floor.

After her throat was used and abused, they took turns fucking her pink pussy and titty fucking her with puke lube, until it was time to bust their nuts. She was covered in several loads of cum, and then sent back to the dugout. Strike 3, Jordyn Peaks. YOU'RE OUT!

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